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  • How can I register my profile? - Go to the "registration" section, enter your data and click on the "register". After that, you'll receive a letter with confirmation that your profile has been included in the "To be continued..." database. If you want your profile to be posted, you should verify your registration by clicking on the link in the letter.
  • How can I change my profile? - Entering your login and password or clicking on the link sent to you, you go straight to your profile, make changes and click on the "refresh". After that you'll receive a letter with confirmation that your profile has been changed. If you agree to post a changed profile, you should click on the link in the letter to verify your agreement.
  • How can I post a photo? - To post a photo, click on the link sent to you. For uploading of your photo click on the "browse..." and select a file that you want to upload from your local computer. Then click on the "upload a photo". (The size of your photo shouldn't be more than 100k, in .jpg or .gif format only)
  • I've uploaded my photo. I see it, but there is no photo in my profile. - The thing is, we do not post a photo immediately. First, it should be seen by the administrator of the project (just to be sure that it's not offensive). Only after his confirmation, it will be posted.
  • After I enter login and password, I'm told that my login or password is incorrect. - Possibly, you've left a gap. Try once more or click on the link sent to you.
  • What should I do if I forget my login and password? - Enter your e-mail (that you entered when registered in "To be continued...") and click "ask for password". We'll send to you the login and password via e-mail. General File Sharing Search
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