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        General information: 
 My name: Amaranta   I seek: for: passionate love.
        About me and my interests:
 Nezhnaya, ocharovatelinaya shatenka s golubymi glazami, lyublyu vanilinoe morozhenoe i pushistykh koshek  
        My desired partner:
 Muzhestvennogo, uverennogo v sebe cheloveka, nezhnogo i laskovogo  
        Additional information:
 Age: 23    Height: 170 cm.   Weight: 65 kg. 
 Education:  Astrological sign:
 Marital status:  Drinking: unspecified
 Children:  Smoking: unspecified
        Partner's characteristics:
 Age: from 21 to 33  Education:
 Height: from 170 to 190 cm. Marital status:
 Weight: from 65 to 90 kg. Astrological sign: unspecified from city: Иркутск
        Contact information:
 ICQ: нет E-mail: [email protected] 

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